My name is Daphna Alexandrovitch.

I live in Jerusalem, the city in which I was born and raised. In my youth I was a dancer and practiced gymnastics. It was then that I first experienced back pains.
For ten wonderful years I lived in Kibbutz "Samar" in the Arava desert. There, I was working  in the onion fields, and in the date plantation. After ten years of bending in the field, my back pains grew worse and limited my daily activities. I realized that time to make some changes arrived. Luckily I then met Dr. Eilat Almagor that gave me my first astonishing Feldenkrais lessons. Gradually I got better and decided to learn this Feldenkrais business for myself.

I joined the first course of Feldenkrais teachers that was opened in Israel, and on 1988 became a certified Feldenkrais teacher.

Since then I teach groups and private lessons for all ages. I've specialized in lessons for elderly people, as well as in group lessons for children.

Since 1996 I belong to the teachers' staff in Dr. Eilat Almagor education courses for Feldenkrais teachers.

In the last several years I'm interested in the Indian dance (Mohiniyattam) which I learned in India, I study the connection between its complexity and the Feldenkrais method.