The Feldenkrais method was developed By Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984).

Feldenkrais is a learning method whose essence is improving the ability of a person through aware movement.

"Ability" refers to the physical,the mental and the emotional aspects of life.

Dr. Feldenkrais believed that any human being can improve the awareness to his body and through that to fulfill his potential ability. He believed that body, soul and mind are a unity, and therfore, improvement of the movement will improve  physical abilities, as well as emotional and intelectual ones.

Anyone can benefit from the Feldenkrais method. It can be useful for various problems (back, hip joints, ankles, feet, chest, neck, esc.) that are caused by poor posture or by movements of daily life.

it can be useful for those who would like to improve their professional skills (dancing,singing sport etc...) and daily functions.


Further interesting and important information is available on the IFF (International Feldenkrais Federation) site:



The Feldenkrais Method